Coquina’s detective work

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I am missing a gold earring. “So, what?” you may ask. Well, it was an anniversary present as well as I am hoping I discover it before it is missed. Greta, my dog, as well as Adam, my son, take in a range of non-food products when I am not looking. When my wedding event sound went missing a year back I spent a great deal of time in the backyard mashing with pet dog poop as well as filthy diapers with a plastic fork “just in case” only to discover the sound in a hoodie pocket a month later.

So, I am standing right here with a plastic fork again. this time around I am heavily weighing emotional value against the gross factor. She is technically a puppy, however when her poop is larger than my fist can it genuinely be called puppy poop? Is a visual representation of like this important? I don’t know.

Pet Behavior

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