2019 Pet blog writer difficulty

Today’s publish is a bit different. It is about blogging.

I am participating in the Pet blog writer difficulty held by Go Pet Friendly. This is a method for pet blog writers to assist each other out as well as support one another.

I’ve been blogging on that Mutt since 2008, as well as I am participating in this difficulty to look carefully at my own blogging goals as well as to offer advice to other bloggers.

If you have a blog as well as have any type of questions, leave them in the comments as well as I’ll do my finest to answer.

I likewise suggest you inspect out a few of the other blog writers participating in this challenge. Their links should all appear at the end of this post. This is a “blog hop.”

Pet blog writer difficulty 2019 – ten Questions

1. For those visiting your blog for the very first time, exactly how long have you been blogging as well as what is your primary topic?

I’ve been blogging for 11 years as well as That Mutt is primarily focused on dog training. I likewise compose about feeding dogs a raw diet. The blog features my mutt Ace who unfortunately passed away in 2018 as well as my weimaraner Remy.

2. What was your proudest blogging moment of 2018?

In 2018 my hubby as well as I finalized a partnership with the dog products company, Mighty Paw, which had previously been a sponsor of That Mutt.

3. What was the biggest blogging difficulty you dealt with in 2018, as well as exactly how did/will you deal with it?

I would like some advice on this, please …

An continuous difficulty for me keeping that Mutt is discovering the balance between:

1.) composing evergreen, SEO-focused material that answers concerns for new, one-time readers


2.) composing more personal stories about myself as well as my dogs that my small, devoted audience will enjoy.

I understand my finest articles do both those things – response concerns with some personal examples – however since 90 percent of my web traffic is from people who will go to my site only one time, they do not necessarily care about me or my dogs.

Not sure what the response is there, it’s just something I struggle with. any type of advice?

4. Which of your 2018 blog posts was your favorite as well as why?

This is a unfortunate publish that is a bit different than most of my articles on that Mutt, however my preferred publish this year was a short essay after my dog Ace died. It was called, “When my puppy stated goodbye to my old dog.”

I likewise truly believed I did a great task on one more publish about grief called, “Do I have to be there when my dog is put down?” (No, you do not have to be there.)

5. Which of your 2018 posts was most prominent with your audience? Why do you believe it does so well?

One of my top posts in 2018 was about what to do when dogs in the exact same home don’t get along.

I believe it did well since it provides more details as well as more practical advice compared to other articles available on this topic. And, it includes my personal examples.

6. have you implemented a new series, feature, or method on your blog in 2018 that you’re enjoying?

I’ve started stating no to 99% of paid partnerships with brands such as paid product evaluations as well as other promotions since in the long run it’s more valuable to spend my time on producing high-quality, evergreen content.

A great article on my site will make more money over time (and provide more value to dog owners) than most paid partnerships.

I’m likewise focusing more on longer-form material in the 3,000+ word range.

7. As the social network landscape changes, exactly how are you promoting your blog posts as well as linking with new readers?

Google as well as Pinterest bring in almost all of my new visitors so I am focusing on continuing to produce new material (that will ideally do well in search).

I re-share a ton of old material on an continuous basis on Pinterest as well as in my newsletter.

I spend extremely bit time on Facebook. I made a listing of about 30 old posts that tend to do okay on that platform as well as I just rotate with those exact same posts + publish my new articles.

8. Looking ahead to 2019, if you achieve only one thing with your blog, what do you hope it is?

I care extremely much about the numbers.

This year I have a specific number of typical everyday pageviews that I’d like to hit routinely with browse as well as Pinterest. I would like to hit this everyday number with or without sending a newsletter as well as without sending any type of paid traffic.

9.What steps are you planning to take to ensure you reachyour goal?

I hope to do this with producing new, top quality material as well as costs less time on paid partnerships with brands (like paid reviews). So basically focusing my time much better as well as keeping my goals right in front of me!

10. now it’s your turn! Is there an area where you might utilize some advice, or an element of your blog that you’d like input on? We’ll response you in the comments!

Yes, whether you are a routine visitor or a new visitor, I would like some constructive criticism:

1. other than my email popup (that’s not going away!), what is something you believe I should modification or something you don’t like?

2. What’s something you admire about That Mutt?

Thank you!

If you have any type of blogging questions, leave them in the comments as well as I’ll answer. You can likewise go to the other blogs or join us yourself in the links below (which I’ll add when the “blog hop” is live).


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