Air travel with Dogs: A comfort station at the Philadelphia worldwide flight terminal 2017

service animal as well as Pete relief Area, Philadelphia worldwide Airport.  photograph by the author, 24 March 2017
Trudging along in the Philadelphia worldwide Airport, I came across this amazing example of the material culture of contemporary pet keeping.  I observed a little pet dog as well as his owner, who was likewise toting a nylon carrier, as well as they drew my eye to this comfort station.  a lot of of the two million animals transported by the airlines need to travel in the hold (a circumstance that has led to a number of tragedies as well as a great deal of poor publicity for the airlines that, in the past, have operated been in infraction of the animal welfare Act.  However, little animals as well as service animals now need to be accommodated in the traveler compartment.  With safety guidelines stopping canine passengers accessing  the exterior of terminals as unscripted pet dog potties, airports are now obviously producing these public restrooms for dogs.

One of the style aspects that is so fascinating about this is the survival of the terminate hydrant as a vertical surface for the utilize of male dogs.  this is constructed out of cast plastic, however it is full size as well as the guideline red. This has been a standing joke in humor about city dogs for at least 100 years.

If you would like to share pictures of other flight terminal canine comfort stations, let me know;  I’ll be delighted to publish them.  as well as if you have had experience with getting your pet dog to utilize one of these, I’ll share the stories, too.  Kudos to PHL for taking care of our canine companions.  now I’m waiting on a public litter box for our flying feline friends.

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