Teach your pet dog the command ‘find it’

You might have your pet dog discover anything. treats or a toy work well. The reason I taught Ace this game was to difficulty him to browse for an item rather than play fetch where my pet dog obsesses over a ball.

To show Ace “find it,” I had him sit outside in a baseball field. There were pieces of litter scattered around, as well as I chosen up one piece of paper the size of a gum wrapper. I held it in front of him as well as stated “smell.” At this point he had no concept what that indicated however he naturally smelled it. then I told him to stay as well as walked about 30 feet out as well as randomly walked in zig-zags as well as discretely dropped the paper so he didn’t understand when or where.

I walked back to Ace, released him as well as said, “Find it!”

Since Ace is naturally a retriever, he instantly went to work searching for this piece of paper, very first making huge circles as well as then slowly targeting in on where he smelled the paper. He discovered it within a minute or two as well as brought it to me. At this point he was already ending up being fixated on the paper, so we ended our game. considering that then, I’ve played “find it” with Ace when or twice daily on our walks utilizing a random piece of trash like a bottle or piece of plastic. considering that it’s quite simple for him, I’ve been making it a lot more tough by burying the item in the sand or hiding it on playground devices or in a bush.

The game doesn’t have to be played outside. try mentor your pet dog to discover a treat by making it truly simple at first. It’s okay if she sees where you put it up until she gets the hang of it. when she figures out the game, you can make it a lot more challenging.

Have you played “find it” or a similar game with your dog?

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