Black lab mix up for adoption

stormy the black lab mix is up for adoption with 4 Luv of dog Rescue in Fargo. I am featuring her on my blog because I started taking her for weekly runs, and I know what a great dog she is!

This mutt was so well behaved during our recent run. I hear she likes to pull when she sees other dogs, but we did not see anyone else. In fact, I was the one doing the pulling, encouraging her to pick up the pace!

Stormy’s foster owner is committed to training and has enrolled her in an obedience class at Red River North dog Obedience Club.

Update: stormy has been adopted!

Stormy will definitely have a head start on training for the lucky person who adopts her. She sat and stayed nicely while I took her picture.

I’m guessing she was happy to have my full attention! She is such a friendly, lovable dog. Her main “issue” is typical of a lab – high energy.

Still, stormy is the kind of dog so many families are looking for – friendly with dogs, cats and people.

At the dog park, she loves to play with other dogs. She also gets along great with the other animals in her foster home – one dog and three cats! Not only that, but stormy is housebroken and kennel trained. She doesn’t bark or cry when I put her in her kennel. good girl!

I’m guessing stormy is a black German shepherd and a black lab mix. Her long body and ears remind me of a shepherd, but who really knows?

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