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Dustin Metzler of Pooch in shape – Maui canine running

Dustin Metzler is a expert canine runner who has Pooch in shape in Maui. That’s right, he lives in Maui as well as gets paid to run with dogs! It’s been a year because Dustin bought my ebook on exactly how to begin a canine running business, as well as he just recently took the time to response my concerns on the success of his business.

That Mutt: What are the services you offer with Pooch Fit?

Dustin: I offer 30 minute running sessions. many of my sessions are with two dogs at a time, in some cases three, depending upon exactly how simple they are. I likewise offer a mid-day pop in service after I’m done running for the day. This is a 15 minute service that’s fantastic for people who just want me to take their dog(s) for a short walk.

TM: exactly how do the dogs generally respond when they see you at the door?

D: “YES, IT’S POOCH in shape TIME!!!” Hahaha … well that’s at least what I believe they’re saying. overall excitement. Seeing my dogs at the door is one of the things I look ahead to many each day. It’s truly a pointer to me exactly how much they delight in the running as well as exploration time.

TM: Why did you choose to begin a canine running business?

D: I’ve always truly liked dogs, as well as I delight in running. someday I figured why not integrate the two as well as make a company out of it. I’ve always wished to have my own thing, as well as not have to work for somebody else. I was exhausted of my job, as well as wished to begin looking ahead to every day rather than constant boredom week in as well as week out. I do like people, however if I had a option of working with humans daily for 8 hours, or to “work” with dogs every day for 4-5 hours, I’ll select my canine buddies everytime! as well as truly what I do, I cannot phone call “work.”

TM: What are a few of the most gratifying parts about your job?

D: Where to begin? the most satisfying thing to me is seeing exactly how much my dogs’ running time implies to them. Being around a great deal of dogs for awhile now, I can quickly pick up on their energy. They are so pleased as well as material when you provide them an outlet for something that is extremely primal to them. It’s extremely gratifying to do something that people truly appreciate. My clients are awesome, as well as they’ve let me understand numerous times exactly how much they appreciate the service.

It’s gratifying to produce a life that I want, one that’s on my terms, as well as not one that I have to work out for. tasks are fantastic … I’m just not a extremely good employee. Not that I was ever bad, however working for someone else for 8 hours a day is just not for me. I may not make a great deal of money with Pooch Fit, but there’s a great deal much more that goes into having a life that’s fulfilling. I’m able to work this company around my household time which is my very first priority.

This company provides me the possibility to stay in great physical shape. Running is an outstanding activity for a person’s mental health and wellness as well. And being able to do it with a great deal of 4 legged running partners is an incredible thing! It’s a easy life I have. When I go to bed each night, I rest extremely well. I understand that I’m doing something fantastic for my dogs, as well as something that will only continue to get better.

TM: What were the very best marketing methods for your business?

D: Like many businesses, word of mouth has been the most efficient type of advertising. the very best type of marketing is “you.” count on has to be earned, as well as when you have that with clients, do whatever you can to keep it strong. Do what you state you’ll do, always. never over guarantee as well as then under deliver. Do the opposite of that. Always go the additional mile and do things that your clients would not expect. They will spread the word for you as well as be your finest advertisement.

Next to word of mouth, Facebook has been a great method to promote Pooch Fit. There have been times I’ve ran by houses with dogs barking behind their fence. when the session was over, I’d drive back to the house as well as put my flyer in their mailbox. just doing that about 20 or so times, I’ve gotten 3 clients. There’s not much I’ve done as far as conventional advertising. when again, the very best thing is word of mouth.

TM: What’s your typical running mileage in a day?

D: I’m currently running 25 dogs, the majority running several sessions a week. We integrate for approximately 45 miles a week. when I reach 60 miles I’ll think about searchingfor help.

TM: Do you have any type of guidance for somebody else who may be thinking about starting a canine running business?

D: The very first thing I would strongly motivate anybody interested is to purchase Lindsay’s e-book on exactly how to begin a successful canine running business. the very best $17 investment you’ll make. This is what I did 4 months before I officially started my business. Her guidance is golden, as well as I can credit rating it for assisting me get to where I’m at today.

Begin jogging to get into shape. Volunteer at a regional rescue or shelter. I did this likewise for 4 months prior to starting Pooch Fit. You’ll acquire a great deal of experience running dogs, they will like you, as well as the rescue group or shelter will truly appreciate it. one of the very best things you’ll acquire from this type of volunteer work is seeing very first hand exactly how much the dogs like to get out as well as run. If you have any type of concern on whether there’s a market for running canines, the rescue dogs will quite much response that for you. By their energy, they’ll show you exactly how much this time around implies to them. You won’t question that you can make a canine running company work.

TM: Is there anything else you’d like people to know?

D: I’m grateful that I can spend my day with my canine friends. This is what I do full time now, as well as I wake each morning thankful of what I have. I appreciate Lindsay for composing her book as well as assisting others begin their own canine businesses. like her, I extremely motivate anybody interested to provide it a go. You have to go into this with the best mindset though. It may take a bit time to get going, however you gotta be “all in” so to speak. If you’re completely dedicated as well as passionate about what you do, people will see that as well as feel it. when you get to that point, you’ll be successful.

Looking for the best perspective? think about this … exactly how numerous times do humans dedicate to exercise, get a fitness center membership, workout for a few months, as well as then quit. quite often, right? then they’ll get inspired again, begin up, as well as stop again. A pattern that can repeat itself year after year. Over the past 12 months, I’ve ran well over 1,000 miles with pooch in stride, as well as right here is what I can tell you about our 4 legged friends. NOT when did they have an reason to avoid a run … never. Not when did their energy say, “not today, I’ll begin up once again next week.” Every single day they’re prepared to go. This commitment as well as loyalty is something I’ve come to truly admire as well as appreciate about dogs.

My goal in this interview is to assist you see that this is an incredible venture as well as something worthwhile for you to consider. You’ll discover when you exercise with dogs, you’re not only linking with them on a canine level, however you’re assisting to satisfy a extremely primal requirement for them. They’ll like you for it, as well as you’ll soon acknowledge that the delight you’re providing them is something that will come best back to you.

Aloha everyone!

TM: thanks to Dustin as well as all the dogs with Pooch in shape for taking the time to response my questions! Dustin encourages others to email their success stories to him at

For anybody thinking about starting a canine running business, my ebook is your very first step. It covers whatever such as acquiring insurance, what to put on liability develops as well as exactly how to acquire clients fast. I likewise offer a consulting package, which is a fantastic method to get your particular concerns responded to by somebody who’s been there. discover more

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