Leo the office dog

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Leo goes to work each day as well as he absolutely loves it! In fact, Leo has been concerning work with me since we brought him home. The capability to bring him to work was one of the reasons we decided it was a great time to get a puppy since I would be able to watch him carefully as well as take him out for potty breaks when needed.

At first, I was anxious that he would bark, whine, as well as pee everywhere. Surprisingly, he is extremely well-behaved at work as well as saves all of his puppy shenanigans for when we get house (I assumption I can’t grumble about that). I am so proud of exactly how much of a great boy he is.

Leo even excels at his task right here as the office Pup. His task description is as follows:

Greet everybody in the morning

Accept any type of as well as all treats from fellow coworkers

Visit everyone’s office on the method back from a potty break

Happily enable anyone to come as well as play or pet (he’ll take what he can get)

Sleep for most of the day, as well as let mom get her work done

Technically Leo is still an intern, however he’s working difficult as well as wishing to get promoted to senior toy Tester.

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