How to have less shedding and a lot more fun

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Spring is less than 2 weeks away now. Do you know what that means? NO! It does not indicate spring cleaning, at least not this kind of cleaning, even though I do know how to work a sponge. In fact, after I finish wiping down the counter I’m going to ask for a raise in my allowance.

Today, I’m talking about some good old-fashioned grooming. lots of cats lose their thick wintertime coat and shed a lot around this time of year. Shedding can make a big mess so, unless you like seeing fur tumbleweeds rolling around in your home, I recommend regular brushing, especially during heavy shedding periods. Plus, it feels real good! This is my favorite tool, the FURminator deShedding tool for cats. It gets rid of all that loose, dead fur that collects in the coat. Well, not in MY coat on account of I’m a Devon Rex cat and I hardly shed at all. I’m special that way.

I’m thinking a lot more of Harley, when it pertains to today’s grooming session. Harley is a very versatile shedder: he leaves his white fur on dark colored clothing and his black fur on lighter objects (and he leaves his toys all over the house). As you can see, Harley was a little shocked to find himself on the other end of the FURminator!

But when he realized how good it felt, he started to take pleasure in it… a little too much. clear up down, Harley!

My recommendations is to be thorough, and don’t forget to groom the undercarriage.

Harley has always been a little concerned that the dark spots on his coat are actually just dirt, so he’s delighted to take pleasure in some extra attention. Harley would be better off if he spent less time playing and a lot more time grooming himself. He’s kind of lazy that way.



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