Dog and cat rescuer’s pledge

An animal rescuer’s pledge

By Lindsay Stordahl /

I, an animal rescuer, will remember that in order to show true compassion for animals I cannot lose compassion for people.

I will never deprive a dog of life or love because of something trivial like a lack of a yard. The definition of a good home is not the same as defining my own home.

I will not place unnecessary blame on pet owners as a whole. I know that most people, like me, love animals. I recognize that our animal sheltering system is set up to fail. I will not hide behind excuses such as “pet overpopulation,” “not enough good homes” or “we can’t save them all.”

I will never condone the killing of a healthy, non-aggressive dog.

I will not use kill and “euthanize” interchangeably. killing is killing. Euthanasia is an act of mercy.

I will stand up for feral cats. They are wild animals that are not suffering and should not be killed or “rehabilitated.”

I will remember that dogs and cats have emotions, but I will not assume their emotions are the same as my emotions.

I will speak out.

I will remember that no one is perfect, including myself.

I will do the best I can.

This is a personal pledge, but if you agree, just leave a comment, share the post or print it out. better yet, write your own version and post it to your own blog or Facebook page. Or write it in the comments.

Thanks for all you do to help animals!

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