Natural Shampoo Filled Sponges Make bath Day for Dogs much easier

enter to win one of three natural shampoo filled sponges for your pet dog from bath Day for Dogs

Note: This is a sponsored post.

My pet dog Ace and I received three shampoo-filled sponges from bath Day for Dogs.

These sponges are created to make bathing your pet dog at home as easy as possible.

All you have to do is get your dog’s coat wet and start scrubbing. This activates the sponge that is already filled with deep-cleaning shampoo, bath Day for Dogs says on its web site.

Each sponge must last, on average, for at least three baths, according to the company. The sponges are made with natural, biodegradable ingredients.

You can choose from three formulas – watermelon, tea tree or oatmeal.

More details about the sponges from bath Day for Dogs

The sponges from bath Day for Dogs come in two sizes, large or puppy. The “puppy” size is best for dogs smaller than a beagle or so. (And there’s actually a line of sponges for horses here!)

I gave my lab mix Ace a bath at home in the tub using the watermelon formula. I liked how swiftly the suds started forming and how the fragrance was light and not overbearing.

I have a short-haired dog, so it only took a couple of minutes to fully scrub his coat.

After his bath, his fur was very shiny and soft and it’s still soft a couple days later.

Ingredients in the formulas such as tea tree oil, aloe vera and oatmeal treat lots of common skin problems in dogs, the company says on its web site. often my pet dog gets dry skin, so it’s great to know this could possibly help with that too.

According to bath Day for Dogs:

the products are manufactured in the United States.

each sponge will last for several baths.

the product is biodegradable and can be composted when you’re done using it.

shampoo-filled sponges use mild ingredients that will not interfere with flea or tick treatments.

Bath Day for Dogs is a certified cruelty complimentary company.

each large sponge sells for $7.95 + shipping.

Is there anything not so good about the sponges?

I really love the sponges from bath Day for Dogs and think they’re a terrific option for any individual who bathes their dogs at home, either in the tub or in the yard. The only two potentially “negative” things I want to point out are:

Be careful not to create too lots of suds or it’s a lot more tough to rinse your dog!

Some people might think $7.95 is high for a sponge, but I think the price is affordable considering each sponge will last for several baths.

Just to give you an example, each sponge must last for at least three baths for the average lab (I asked).

Join Club bath Day and get a sponge delivered monthly!

Bath Day for Dogs uses a monthly subscription program where you can receive 1 to 3 sponges every month.

Options include:

Gold – Three sponges per month ($22)

Silver – Two sponges per month ($15)

Bronze – One sponge per month ($7.50)

(Shipping for Club bath Day is $5 per month)

More info on subscription options here

Enter to win a complimentary shampoo-filled sponge for your dog

Bath Day for Dogs is giving away a FREE shampoo-filled sponge to three lucky readers of That Mutt. The company will ship anywhere in the world!

To enter:

Just leave a comment that indicates you are interested in trying a sponge for your dog’s baths. There are sizes available for big and small dogs, so you’ll be able to choose which size you want. I’ll choose the winners at random on Thursday April 2.

*Congrats Dawn, Jessi and Carol!

Ordering a sponge from bath Day for Dogs

If you would like to go ahead and buy a sponge, you can do so here.

The cost is $7.95 for one large sponge, plus shipping. Or, you can buy a “puppy pod” of three small sponges for puppies and small dogs. The cost for that option is $17.95, plus shipping.

So, would you like to try a shampoo-filled sponge for your dog?

Let me know in the comments! and Ace was ecstatic to have a bath. Really, he was! ?

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