“Runt.” An legendary poem about an legendary Piddling pet dog from the Miller pet dog Food business

This masterpiece of doggerel (sorry, I couldn’t assist myself….) is a marketing pamphlet for the products of the Miller pet dog Food business of battle Creek, Michigan.  The business started out as the battle Creek pet dog Food Company, as well as I am not yet sure when it altered its name, however the typography as well as style suggest the 1920s to me.  found in the exact same neighborhood where Kellogg’s cereals were created as well as where Dr Kellogg had his popular sanitarium, the early ads I have discovered for Miller’s pet dog Food promoted it as health and wellness food for dogs.  I’m having difficulty imagining this as a pet shop giveaway, provided its barroom tone. however I leave you to browse it.  In fact, I suggest reciting it out loud!


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