Dog habits problems

Ace’s tennis sphere obsession was at its worst recently.

We were on a 45-minute road trip, as well as he whined the entire time in the cars and truck since he understood there was a sphere in my bag.

When I lastly took the sphere out, he was so fixated it appeared he was having a seizure (he wasn’t). His head shook to the point where his teeth were chattering. He was drooling, staring as well as trembling.

Once we reached our destination, my dog might not stop whining since he understood the sphere was in the cars and truck as well as he wished to go discover it.

I did take it out a few times, hoping to run him silly. however even after 20 minutes of sprinting, Ace would recuperate as well as begin whining.

Note to self: Leave the sphere house next time. as well as never utilize it to try as well as tire out my dog. This only makes him more obsessed.

Obviously most dogs do not have this type of sphere fixation. however most dogs do have some type of habits issue.

Dog training every day

How many of us really take 15 minutes each day to work on a specific issue with our dogs? Anyone?

There are a few things I’d like to work on with my dog: improving his respect for “come” as well as “stay” in all situations, assisting him relax in the cars and truck as well as of program having an “off switch” around a tennis ball. He has likewise been doing much more of his nervous, “I want something” whining.

Over the last year or so, I did a number of “30-day challenges” where I dealt with my dog on specific goals such as loose-leash walking. These difficulties all turned out extremely well, however my commitment seldom went beyond those 30 days.

Recently I’ve been believing about two of my past challenges. One was to work on my dog with his tennis sphere obsession. The second was to see 30 locations to assist my hyper dog relax in all situations. Let’s just state we still requirement some work in these areas!

This autumn I’d like to begin a new 30-day challenge. this time around the goal is to method obedience as well as getting Ace to be calm in different locations.

My dog needs to discover that it’s okay to take breaks while playing (retrieving), as well as that every off-leash walk does not have to include discovering a stick.

He has ended up being more social as well as positive in the last year – great things – however it likewise means he doesn’t respond well to my commands in social situations. I have not been extremely great at reinforcing what I want my dog to do.

I have a well-trained dog in my own backyard. I have a well-trained dog in my living room. however is my dog well trained as well as calm in all situations? Hardly.

He cries when we get to his preferred parks, as well as he can’t relax when somebody is holding a stick, sphere or food in front of him. If a new person or dog shows up at our door, he breaks from “stay.”

In Ace’s defense, he did pass the Canine great resident test without any problem. as well as I do think about him a calm dog as far as sporting dogs go. I get comments all the time on exactly how calm he is.

It’s not that I want a dog that sits mechanically as well as holds his head at the perfect angle. I just want a dog that responds to fundamental commands, understands exactly how to be calm as well as doesn’t fail to remember whatever he understands at the sight of a tennis ball!

Teaching my dog to be calm

Getting Ace to be calm as well as to focus in new circumstances is a matter of patience as well as practice. Lately I’ve truly been working on eye get in touch with with my dog, as well as utilizing more positive reinforcement dog training like utilizing treats.

I will go back to practicing calming exercises with Ace around a tennis sphere by asking him to ignore the ball, relax as well as make eye contact.

We’ll do this at house as well as in other areas as well as ideally with other people. obviously there’s nothing as interesting as our good friend Justin holding a tennis ball!

Ace as well as I will see more places, not just to see however to strengthen loose leash walking, obedience commands as well as focus. walking Ace everyday will continue to be important, however missing a day’s walk should not be an reason for Ace to whine, pull or ignore fundamental commands.

It shouldn’t be an reason for me to be more lenient with him either just since he didn’t get a walk.

I would like to enhance Ace’s reliability with “come” as well as “stay” no matter where we are or what’s going on. He’s regressed in many areas just since I don’t work with him as much as I utilized to.

We will have to get back into dog obedience classes in Fargo later this autumn to keep us on track.

Most dog owners as well as their dogs if they do any type of training together at all will ultimately reach some type of plateau. Whether it’s after a few weeks, months or a few years of training, most people get to a point where they just stop as well as don’t expect much more from their dogs.

Ace as well as I have been at this point for the last year or so, as well as now I’d like to get to the next level with him.

I recognize I expect more out of Ace than a typical dog owner expects from her dog. It’s not that I want a perfect dog. It’s just that as long as I am a dog owner, I will be working with my dog. He likes to difficulty me, as well as I like the challenge.

What are you as well as your dog working on?

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