5 methods to enhance your cat’s life

since cats request so bit from us, we sometimes provide them the very little amount of care as well as interest they deserve.

Last month I composed about five methods to enhance your dog’s life, however what about our cats?

The complying with are five simple methods feline owners can enhance their cats’ lives starting today. We don’t have to make all these modifications at once, however exactly how about selecting just one as well as getting started?

Five simple methods to enhance your cat’s life

1. play with your feline every day.

I’m speaking about just five minutes. We can all spare just five minutes a day.

There’s a reason so many home cats are overweight. They eat as well much (free feeding), as well as they don’t move enough. If we spend just five minutes a day playing with them, picture what a difference it might produce their mental as well as physical health.

2. add some somewhat healthier food to your cat’s diet.

You don’t have to suddenly begin feeding the most costly frozen raw feline food brand, however exactly how about selecting a healthier brand of dry food without corn, soy or chemical preservatives?

Cats can be sensitive to change, so you don’t even have to switch the food entirely. just add a few pieces of the new, healthier food to the old food as a treat with each meal. With time, you can mix in more so it’s half as well as half if you want, or switch over completely. The key is to make the modification slowly so it’s progressive for both your wallet as well as your cat’s tummy.

3. Cuddle with your feline every day.

My cats like to cuddle on the bed while I read, so that’s one thing I try to do with them at least on the weekends.

I usually end up setting my book or ipad down ultimately as well as focusing completely on them. They like it!

4. Take your feline to the vet.

So many of us put off taking our cats to the vet, or we may only do so when for the preliminary shots as well as spay/neuter surgery.

I’m not stating you have to bring your feline to the vet every single year (I don’t), however if it’s been three years or more, it’s most likely a great concept to routine an exam. Cats do such a great task hiding any type of type of pain, as well as a vet may be able to notice prospective health and wellness problems that we can’t.

I understand sometimes feline exams are a joke. I’ve had my cats in for an “exam” as well as the vet did nothing however listen to their heart rates. This came with a nice $50 expense per cat.

So, ask around to discover a feline friendly vet in your area or even a vet who focuses on feline care. It makes such a difference.

5. invest in a breakaway feline collar with an ID tag.

It’s worth the $20 investment or less to buy your feline a breakaway collar with an ID tag.

Only 2 to 5 percent of impounded cats are reunited with their owners nationally, according to the Humane society of the united states [1]. For dogs, that number is 30 percent.

Let’s make it easier for our cats to get back house if they ever get loose, lost or impounded.

[quote_center]”Let’s make it easier for our cats to get back home.”[/quote_center]

Breakaway collars are collars particularly designed for cats. If the feline gets his collar caught on something while climbing or jumping, the collar will break free for security reasons.

So, what other tips would you add to this list?

What are some other simple, realistic methods to enhance our cats’ lives?

Citations: 1. http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/pet_overpopulation/facts/pet_ownership_statistics.html

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